The Kingdom of Denmark
April 23

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Area 43,092 The most southerly of the Scandinavian countries. See separate entries for Faeroe Islands and Greenland, which are autonomous regions of Denmark.

Population Ann.Gr. Density
2000 5,293,239 +0.26% 123 per sq. km.
2010 5,327,432 +0.00% 124 per sq. km.
2025 5,238,499 -0.17% 122 per sq. km.

Capital Copenhagen 1,326,000. Urbanites 85%.


Danish citizens 95%. Danish 5.2 mill.; Faeorese 6,000; Greenlanders 3,000.

Foreign 5%. Nordic, EU citizens 80,000; former Yugoslavia 35,000; Turk 40,000; Somali 15,000; Iraqi 10,000; Iranian 7,000.

Literacy 99%. Official language Danish. All langrages 8. Languages with Scriptures 4Bi.


Based on services, agriculture and light industry. Strongly export-oriented. HDI 0.905; 15th/174. Public debt 62% of GNP. Income/person $31,900 (111% of USA).


Stable parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy. A cautious member of the European Union with a history of exercising its European right of veto.


There is complete religious freedom, though the Lutheran Church is recognized as the national Church and is supported out of a state-levied church tax.

Religions Population % Adherents Ann.Gr.
Christian 85.85 4,544,246 -0.6%
non-Religious/other 11.00 582,256 +6.9%
Muslim 3.02 159,856 +7.8%
Jewish 0.13 6,881 +0.3%

Christians Denom. Affil.% ,000 Ann.Gr.
Protestant 39 78.25 4,142 -5.0%
Independent 3 0.02 1 +0.5%
Anglican 1 0.06 3 -5.6%
Catholic 1 0.64 34 +0.9%
Orthodox 2 0.01 1 +0.7%
Marginal 12 0.57 30 -1.6%
Unaffiliated   7.63 404 n.a.
Doubly affiliated   -1.31 -70 n.a.

Churches MegaBloc Cong. Members Affiliates
Lutheran P 2,300 1,000,000 4,100,000
Catholic C 54 18,000 34,000
Jehovah's Witnesses M 222 15,071 22,000
Baptist Union P 48 5,386 8,000
Pentecostal Mvt. P 52 5,000 8,000
Latter-day Saints (Morm) M 26 3,397 5,300
Apostolic P 42 2,600 3,200
Danish Covenant P 29 2,000 3,000
Methodist P 20 1,450 2,300
Salvation Army P 36 1,400 1,600
Other denoms [48]   244 11,230 23,000
Doubly affiliated     -52,000 -70,000
Total Christians [58]   3,073 1,014,000 4,140,000

Trans-bloc Groupings pop.% ,000 Ann.Gr.
Evangelical 4.8 252 -6.0%
Charismatic 1.5 77 -4.2%
  Pentecostal 0.2 12 -1.4%

Missionaries from Denmark
P,I,A 475 in 28 agencies to 59 countries: Tanzania 75, Ethiopia 64, Nigeria 34.

Missionaries to Denmark
P,I,A 75 in 22 agencies from 8 countries.

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Challenges for Prayer

1 Denmark needs a fresh visitation from God. Ninety percent of the population are members of the Lutheran Peoples Church. Church attendance varies between 1% and 4% in most parishes, yet many Danes still hold to their Christian identity (50% regularly pray). Pray that the Spirit may make Christ real to Danish Christians who have turned to secular or New Age thinking.

2 Much of the Lutheran Church is formal, and the fresh winds of the Holy Spirit must blow through this institution. A number evangelical pastors are committed to renewal of the Church. Pray for wisdom for all who seek to transform the Church and make it relevant to secular Danes.

3 The evangelical witness needs strengthening in every level of Danish life. Pray for the evangelizing work of such groups as the Lutheran home missions movement, IFES student groups, and other evangelical groups from both the Lutheran and Free Churches, that they may impact every level of Danish society.

4 Old non-missionary, liberal theologies are devastating for the Church by failing to equip them to be effective missionaries in a secular realm. Pray for theological and missiological renewal in all seminaries and Bible schools which will encourage a vibrant missions vision. Pray also for leaders to be raised up who are able to communicate with the Danish post-modern youth culture.

5 Young people have been particularly affected by the prevailing secularism and post-modernism of society, and have become more responsive to spiritual challenges. While there is a new enthusiasm towards the person of Jesus, many seek answers in new religious movements. Pray that the Church may be able to approach such young people with an effective message.

6 There has been a steady decline in the number of overseas missionaries. Pray for more to be called and that Danish mission agencies may contribute effectively in the globalized missionary movement.

7 The 'New Danes', guest workers and refugees, need to hear the gospel. Pray that Danish Christians may be motivated to share their faith with them. A number of agencies and churches have outreach to some of these ethnic minority communities, and there are believers within some of them. Muslim groups, such as the Turks, Arabs, Iranians, Albanians, Somalis, etc., present a special challenge.

8 Literature and Media. The Danish Bible Society has produced a high quality CD for children and young people for widespread distribution to help them discover the Bible and its teachings. The JESUS film is available in Danish, as is much Christian literature and radio. Pray that distribution might be adequate in all media.

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