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Gabonese Republic


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Area: 267,667 sq km

Coastal, Central African state on the equator, two-thirds being dense tropical rainforest and 10% being nature reserves.

Population: 1,501,266    Annual Growth: 1.86%

Capital: Libreville

Urbanites: 86%

HDI Rank: 103 of 182 (UN Human Development Reports 2009)


Peoples: 49 (8% unreached) All peoples
Unreached Peoples Prayer Card

Official language: French    Languages: 43 All languages


Largest Religion: Christian

Religion               Pop %Ann Gr

Challenges for Prayer

Less-reached peoples:

a) The east region was long closed to evangelicals, and the northeast was the least evangelized and least developed. Born-again Christians are very few among the many pockets of peoples – notably Yongho, Wandji, Sanghu, Tsogo, Duma, Ngom, Kaningi, Bubi and Minduumo. But these areas, now open, are seeing churches planted and people reached, although much work remains.

b) The Fang are the dominant people (41% of the population) and largely Protestant or Catholic. They are a profoundly religious people, but most of their fervency is dissipated in syncretistic ancestral worship.

c) The Baka/Babinga, often called Pygmies, live in the virgin forest. They have been exploited and mistreated by other peoples, despite their unique culture and gentle nature. The CMA and Deeper Life work among them and see much responsiveness and many conversions. There are at least 10 Baka congregations, with a number of other Baka joining churches of other ethnic groups.

Support ministries:

a) Bible translation may be needed in 22 languages. CMA works on the Yinzebi OT, but generally the Gabonese prefer to use the French translation of the Bible.

b) The JESUS film in French is shown widely and is available in five other languages. It has been a key tool for opening ministry to unreached peoples, and it continues to be received enthusiastically.

c) GRN has recordings in 25 languages and dialects.

d) Both national radio and TV are wide-open avenues for evangelism and Bible teaching, but are neglected. Radio Evangile Gabon is one of five Christian FM stations that reach Libreville; ways are being sought to extend coverage to the interior. There is also a Christian TV station on air.

e) Bongolo Hospital is a strategic ministry. In addition to the basic medical services offered, HIV/AIDS treatment is an increasing emphasis. Over 1,700 people every year are coming to Christ through the hospital’s work. Air Cavalry supports the hospital through aviation ministry. Pray for continued grace and that all who visit would receive healing of body and soul.

     For an additional 6 Challenges for Prayer see Operation World book, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM.

More Information

The Operation World book, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM provide far more information and fuel for prayer for the people of Gabon.