Free Prayer-Enhancing Resources

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Use these powerful prayer resources to enhance your prayer life as you engage in praying for the nations.

Special thanks to Jericho Walls International Prayer Network and InterVarsity Press for these articles and free e-books.

Cat and Dog Theology

Cat and Dog Theology (click on cover for PDF)

Read these two chapters hypothesizing there are two types of prayers. The first, Cat Prayers, are selfish and ask for the Lord to help them increase their own kingdom. The second, Dog Prayers, are spoken out of loyalty and love for the Lord to help them build His Kingdom.

The Fasting Journey

The Fasting Journey (click on cover for PDF)

You may want to discover more about fasting for your prayer life. Read these two chapters from The Fasting Journey. They address "the purpose of fasting" and "the Biblical background of fasting."

White Papers from

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network

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Guidelines for Effective Intercession

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Obstacles to Prayer

20 Guidelines for Effective Prayer

Proclaim God's Name, Character and Works

How to Pray for Unreached Groups/Nations

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Pray the Promises of God

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

How to Pray for People in Government & Other Positions of Authority

Prayer and Human Trafficking

Praying for the Poor

The Hour that Changes the World


The Persecuted Church Prayer Devotional

The Persecuted Church Prayer Devotional (click on cover for free ebook)