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The flag of Greenland

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Kalallit Nunaat

North America

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Area: 2,175,600 sq km

Land area is 85% glacial ice cap. The world’s largest island and with the lowest population density of any country.

Population: 57,291    Annual Growth: 0.04%

Capital: Nuuk

Urbanites: 84.2%


Official language: Inuktitut (Greenlandic), which has three distinct     Languages: 2 All languages


Largest Religion: Christian

Religion               Pop %Ann Gr

Challenges for Prayer

Evangelical witness is quite recent. In 1984, there were only about 20 born-again believers. Now, a growing evangelical movement in several denominations exists – mostly within the New Life Church/Pentecostal framework, although Brethren and NTM churches also exist. Travel conditions are extremely harsh, and communities along the coasts isolated; those outside the larger settlements have very little chance to hear the gospel. Thank God for airstrips now built in several remote towns, opening these places for ministry.

     For an additional 3 Challenges for Prayer see Operation World book, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM.

More Information

The Operation World book, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM provide far more information and fuel for prayer for the people of Greenland.