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The flag of Greenland

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Kalallit Nunaat

North America

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Area: 2,175,600 sq km

Land area is 85% glacial ice cap. The world’s largest island and with the lowest population density of any country.

Population: 57,291    Annual Growth: 0.04%

Capital: Nuuk

Urbanites: 84.2%


Official language: Inuktitut (Greenlandic), which has three distinct     Languages: 2 All languages


Largest Religion: Christian

Religion               Pop %Ann Gr

Challenges for Prayer

Special ministries:

a) A new and more contemporary version of the Bible in Greenlandic was released in 2001 – pray that many will read it and be changed.

b) The JESUS film was translated into the Greenlandic language through a collaboration of YWAM, the Pentecostal Church and CCCI; it has received widespread distribution, impacting many.

c) Training for leaders and counsellors. With such widespread brokenness and responsiveness, more Greenlandic Christians must be equipped to minister effectively. Recently, INO established a leadership training school for local believers, for the equipping of the national Church.

     For an additional 3 Challenges for Prayer see Operation World book, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM.

More Information

The Operation World book, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM provide far more information and fuel for prayer for the people of Greenland.