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Slovak Republic


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Area: 49,035 sq km

Landlocked central European state, ranging from fertile Danube shores to the Tatra Mountains.

Population: 5,411,640    Annual Growth: 0.10%

Capital: Bratislava

Urbanites: 56.8%

HDI Rank: 42 of 182 (UN Human Development Reports 2009)


Peoples: 20 (5% unreached) All peoples
Unreached Peoples Prayer Card

Official language: Slovak    Languages: 13 All languages


Largest Religion: Christian

Religion               Pop %Ann Gr


Challenges for Prayer

Foreign mission presence has plateaued. Several agencies with missionaries work in Slovakia (International Messengers, CCCI, MTW, ABWE), but more workers could be utilized for both evangelism/church planting and training. The Apostolic Church now sends Slovak missionaries cross-culturally. Pray that mission agencies and local churches cooperate to the best effect, with joy and humility. Ask the Lord to burden Slovaks for world evangelization.

Less-reached peoples:

a) Hungarians make up more than 10% of the population. Tensions persist over minority rights and language use; pray for fair and just solutions. A Hungarian-specific political party enjoys strong support from this community. Most Hungarians are Catholic, but with a number of Reformed congregations and a few evangelical groups. Pray that Hungarian Christians may be mobilized to reach their kin in Slovakia.

b) The Romani (Gypsies) are usually misunderstood and marginalized and suffer from low education and a high level of poverty – but they are the most responsive people to the gospel in all Central and Eastern Europe. Persistent efforts to reach them overcame resistance and now see encouraging responsiveness. Pray for those reaching out to them, for love that will overcome all barriers and stereotypes.

     For an additional 7 Challenges for Prayer see Operation World book, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM.

More Information

The Operation World book, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM provide far more information and fuel for prayer for the people of Slovakia.