About WEC International

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Our Commission

  • To bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the remaining unevangelised peoples with utmost urgency;
  • to demonstrate the compassion of Christ to a needy world;
  • to establish worshipping communities and lead them to spiritual maturity;
  • to inspire, mobilize and train for cross-cultural mission.

Our Lifestyle

  • We fervently desire to see Christ formed in us so that we live holy lives.
  • In dependence on the Holy Spirit we determine to obey our Lord whatever the cost.
  • We trust God completely to meet every need and challenge we face in His service.
  • We are committed to oneness, fellowship and the care of our whole mission family.

Our Convictions

  • We are convinced that prayer is a priority.
  • We see the Christian Bible as our authority in setting standards of behavior and belief.
  • We affirm our love for Christ's Church, and endeavor to work in fellowship with local and national churches, and with other Christian agencies.                                             
  • We accept each other irrespective of gender, ethnic background or church affiliation. We desire to work in multinational teams and are committed to effective international co-operation.
  • We recognize the importance of research and responding to God's directions for advance.
  • We believe in full participation and oneness in decision making.
  • We value servant leaders who wait on God for vision and direction.
  • We promote local and innovative strategies through decentralized decision-making.
  • We make no appeals for funds.

Contact Information

WEC International
PO Box 1707
Fort Washington, PA 19034

(215) 646-2322 ext. 3473 (Weekdays 8:00AM-5:30PM EST)                  

FAX #: + 215-646-6202                                                                      
Email: mailbox@wec-usa.org
Web: http://www.wec-int.org