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The Errata section provides a list of errors found in Operation World products, along with their corrections:

Product Page Error Correction
Book 159 Spelling of Gaborone incorrect in map. Should be Gaborone, NOT Gabarone.
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 164 Answers to Prayer, point one. Evangelicos should be 51.3 million NOT 512 million.
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 214 Under geography, China reads "the third-lagest state in the world" Should read “the fourth-largest state in the world.”
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 214 Under economy, China reads "with China now the world's third-largest economy" Should read “with China now the world’s second-largest economy”
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 363 Point 13d reads “the world’s third-largest total, after USA and UK.” Should read, “the world’s fourth-largest total, after USA, UK and France.”
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 414 Point 9c Remove evangelization from affiliated issue for Dalit Freedom Network
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 416 Point 14f Should remove Hosanna as a separate organization, and rename Faith Comes By Hearing to Faith Comes By Hearing/Hosanna
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 634 Under Geography, Nicaragua reads "The largest of the Central American republics." Should read “Central America’s second-most sparsely populated state.”
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 931 Langham Partnership International was omitted from the International Mission Network section.

LPI - Langham Partnership International

International network working alongside church leaders globally, especially Majority World, planting national movements for biblical preaching, providing and creating evangelical literature, and funding faculty development in theological education.

Book, CD-ROM, DVD 944 IMB stats = 1,870 in 5 regions of the world IMB stats = 5110, in all regions of the world, especially Asian and Africa
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 946 Navigators stats = 450 workers in 47 countries Navigators stats = 4647 workers (1265 cross cultural), in 108 countries.
DVD 1021 Valerie Lim was unintentionally omitted from the DVD-ROM Development Team Valerie Lim - cartography, data validation
Book, CD-ROM, DVD 800 Switzerland religious growth graph. Non-religious bar should be length of current Evangelical bar (3.4%) and Evangelical should be the length of current Non-Religious bar(1.2%).