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“If you believe that we are here to change the world not be shaped by it, then Operation World is a manual for revolution” Pete Grieg 24-7 Prayer Movement

Watch the Prayercast collage

Watch and hear people from all over the world pray!

Join people from every nation, praying for people in every nation, sign up now and pray that the glory of God would fill the earth! You will receive daily prayer reminders for a different country or need somewhere in the world. Through your prayers, you will change lives and nations.

Click HERE to start receiving your daily prayer emails.

Each email contains a link back to the prayer content for a specific country, which will include:

  1. An Operation World country snapshot of prayer needs, challenges to prayer, and country specific information to help focus your prayers.
  2. Electronic e-prayer cards from Joshua Project for the unreached peoples for that country. Pray broad and deep.
  3. A prayer video for that country from Prayercast that you can watch, hear, and join with in prayer.

You will begin receiving reminders for daily prayer according to the regular Operation World prayer calendar (on this site, on page xxxiv of the Operation World book, and on page 310 of the Pray for the World book). This prayer calendar makes every country in the World a focus for prayer at least once per year, and devotes multiple days of prayer to the larger countries and regions. Some countries do not yet have the Prayercast videos, but you can find all available videos free for use at the PRAYERCAST website.

If you wish to stop receiving the daily prayer reminders at any time, simply click the link included at the bottom of each email you will receive.

Get started by signing up now.

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