What People are Saying

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See and hear what people from around the world have to say about the importance of praying for the nations and this powerful prayer resources for the global church.


You can also read about what people are saying about Operation World.

Video categories on this page:

How Operation World has Been Used and its Impact:

Watch David Platt's video

David Platt – Author of Radical

Operation World’s effect on David’s prayer life


Watch Joni Eareckson Tada's video

Joni Eareckson Tada

Hear how Joni uses Operation World in her personal life and ministry


Watch Anne Graham Lotz's video

Anne Graham Lotz

How she uses Operation World to learn about each country and how she can pray before she visits them


Watch Pete Greig's video

Pete Greig – 24-7 Prayer

Why Operation World should be seen as a "manual for revolution"


Watch Tom Doyle's video

Tom Doyle - Middle East Dir. e3 Partners

How Operation World impacted Tom and his Wife


Watch Louis Sutton's video

Louis Sutton – USA Director, WEC

Using Operation World as a fuel for prayer


Watch Dr. K.P. Yohannan's video

Dr. K. P. Yohannan – Int Dir, Gospel for Asia

How to pray for such a large country, like India, using Operation World


Watch George Verwer's video

George Verwer

Learn the five words George uses to describe Operation World


Watch the OW Hungary video

Hungary – How have you used Operation World

Learn how Gabriella Nagy uses Operation World


Watch the needs of Malta video

The needs of Malta

See the dream of Operation World realized in Malta


Watch Steve Hawthorne's video

Steve Hawthorne - Perspectives Co-Editor

Why Operation World is your friend for your prayer life


Watch Ellen's (a seminary student) video

Ellen - seminary graduate

Why every college student should use Operation World


Watch Angela Zimmerman's video

Angela Zimmerman

How they used Operation World to develop a World View


Watch Ms. Shalini Suren's video

Ms. Shalini Suren – State Co-Coordinator: Tamilnadu, India

How Operation World helped ignite a women’s prayer movement in India


Watch Dr. Howard Foltz's video

Dr. Howard Foltz - What Good is Operation World

Dr. Howard Foltz of AIMS International emphasizes the importance of the book Operation World and praying for Unreached People Groups


Global Prayer Needs and Personal Challenges for us to Pray

Watch Max Lucado's video

Max Lucado

The power of prayer when directed at a specific nation


Watch Jim Daly's video

Jim Daly – President of Focus on the Family

Pray for the World using Operation World – Join the prayer movement today!


Watch Gabriella Nagy's video

Gabriella Nagy – Dawn Associate: Hungary

How can we pray for Hungary?


Watch Miriam Cowpland's video

Miriam Cowpland – Int Dir for Research and Prayer: WEC International

Why informed prayer is key in opening up the unreached areas of the world

Watch Elise Morgan's video

Elisa Morgan

Prayer challenge


Watch Bala M. Usman's video

Bala M. Usman – National Director Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Nigeria: Passion to pray, why prayer is needed in missions

Watch Sergiy Tymchennko's video

Sergiy Tymchennko – President Realis

Why pray for Ukraine


Watch Jonathan Gilmore's video

Jonathan Gilmore – Italian Ministries

Learn why Italy needs prayer


Watch Nader Nino's video

Nader Nino – Jordanian Missionary

Why and how we can pray for Jordan


Global Voices Praying for their Countries

Watch the Prayer for India video

Prayer for India

Hear Ms. Shalini Suren pray for India


Watch the Prayer for Jordan video in Arabic

Prayer for Jordan (Arabic)

Hear Nader Nino pray for Jordan in Arabic


Watch the Prayer for Jordan video in English

Prayer for Jordan (English)

Hear Nader Nino pray for Jordan in English


Watch the Prayer for Malta video

Prayer for Malta

Hear Edwin Caruana pray for Malta


Watch the Prayer for Hungary video

Prayer for Hungary

Hear Gabriella Nagy pray for Hungary


Watch the Prayer for Ukraine video

Prayer for Ukraine

Hear Sergiy Tymchennko pray for Ukraine


Watch the Prayer for Nigeria video

Prayer for Nigeria

Hear Bala M. Usman pray for Nigeria


Watch the Prayer for Colombia video

Prayer for Colombia

Hear Hector J. Pardo pray for Colombia